23 Degrees South

Living and learning in Botswana during my two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer. NOTE: This is a personal journal and does not necessarily represent the views of the Peace Corps or the U.S. Government.

PCV Lifestyle Workout

A friend (stateside) recently jokingly told me that I should make a workout video. A few days ago as I was sweating and out of breath while scrubbing my filthy socks, I decided that rather than a workout video, I would craft a satirical workout blog post. Thus, behold the creation of the PCV Lifestyle Workout! (*As with all physical activity regimens, please insure that you are physically apt before beginning)


-Reaching with a shoe to kill the scary large insect

-Applying lotion, sunscreen, and bug spray daily

-Sweeping the house 2-3 times per day

Upper body:

Find a large bucket (20 liters or about 5 gallons), fill it up with water and carry it 100 feet. 1 set, 2X daily, alternating arms.

Lower body:

Walk through deep sand (go to the beach, find a park) for 40-60 minutes a day. Remember that you will need to also be carrying 2ltrs of water, your laptop, and snacks for the day.

Squats: While bathing and using the toilet, remain in a squatting position.

Cardio/weight bearing:

-Walk to the grocery store. Purchase all the food you will need for the next 2-3 weeks. Fill up your backpack or reusable bags, and carry them all home.(Optional, run after the bus while carrying all your groceries).

-Find some kids playing jump rope (other games such as soccer, hop-scotch, monkey in the middle also work) and join in their games for 30 minutes, or until you collapse, whichever comes first (also remember that this is to be done in the deep sand as well. Shoes optional).

Cardio/water sports:

(After filling and carrying afore-mentioned bucket of water) Wash all of your laundry from the week by hand. Jeans, towels, and blankets for advanced workout. Socks will always need a tough scrubbing. When finished with the clothes, remember to walk back outside with all the dirty water and repeat the 100 feet carrying it before dumping.

True Lifestyle bonus activity:

Find a dry sauna, set it between 100-110 degrees, live in it for 8 months.

Of course this is meant as a joke, but also personal confirmation about why I am completely exhausted by the end of the day. I have no idea what I will do with all the time I will have when I get back to the states and have things like running water and a washing machine!


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3 thoughts on “PCV Lifestyle Workout

  1. Terry crane McDonald on said:

    You have not replaced your sense of humor with muscle mass I see. Great visuals JP.

  2. Very Fun and I am so glad I got to be a part of your life as it is, and then go on a vacation for you to let your muscles rest. 🙂

  3. Hatidza on said:

    This was so cute! Miss you, Jess!

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